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Don't let your space keep controlling you. 

What to expect

Being organized isn't about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person. It's about living the way you want to live,

Are you still unsure?
5 Reasons to Hire Angie

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Think about this? 

Do your kids room feel tight?

Is the playroom not being used?

Do you love to watch the shows that declutter? But find that it's harder than it looks.

Do you feel paralyzed because there is "so" much stuff?

Where do you begin?

Hire someone.... Hire Angie!



She says "You're not going to be judged" and she means it. A couple months ago, she took a personality profile test, and her top traits are extroversion, sensitivity and thinking. She's non-judgmental and that's important because many people choose not to hire someone for fear of being judged.



Stop spending money on containers that don't work. Stop buying items multiple times because you can't find what you are looking for. Have Angie measure your space, reorganize the space and use her expertise to get organized. 



Having someone who doesn't judge you or someone that doesn't make you feel less than is important. She helps you become intentional with your choices. If you've taken the step to purge, then you'll be excited when everything has a place. Seeing a deal isn't going to sway you into buying more stuff than you need. The last thing you want is to hire someone, then revert back to those bad habits. So feel free to dance to music, sing at the top of your lungs and enjoy the decluttering and organizing process.



To avoid some of the unwanted feelings that people experience when they try to tackle big jobs, Angie is aware that the standard 3-4 hours for each session is best. It helps to avoid decision fatigue. She works around the schedules of busy parents and careers. She prioritizes bigger jobs for the weekend and encourages breaks.



Everyone has their own strengths. Focus on your strengths and hire someone to help with your weaknesses. For instance, some brains just shut down when it comes to finance, while others are naturally good at it. Angie's natural talent is to help others and find creative organizing solutions, so she's going to help others with the talent that God blessed her with. She can create a functional space even in the smallest conditions. Buying pretty storage bins doesn't change anything. If you don't decide what to keep, then you end up keeping and storing everything instead of what you really need and use. So, ultimately know yourself!! You can lose 100 pounds with a personal trainer, but with Angie the professional organizer, you can lose 100 pounds of "stuff".

Recognition and other ways to reach out. 


Organize with Angie is a top professional organizer in the Tampa, FL professional organizers directory on

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Monday - Saturday

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Sunday 2 - 9 PM

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