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Frequently Asked Questions

Laundry Room
  • Do I have to buy expensive containers?
    No! I create custom solutions for every budget. I can use what you have or you can order containers on your own, or use the items I recommend.
  • Can you help me purge through my current items?
    Yes! I can help you sort through your items (i.e., keep, donate, sell, trash). I’m here to help as much or as little as you like!
  • How long does a professional organizing project usually take?
    The length of a professional organizing project varies depending on the size and complexity of the space. By booking the 30 minute JUDGEMENT free consultation, I can assess the space and give a ball park estimate. This is not a guarantee of the total time because there are always uncertainties when doing any job. For instance, we may come across a buried box of paperwork, or some sentimental pictures or you may be emotionally attached to something that takes longer to process. I will work with you to create a timeline that works for your schedule and needs.
  • Do you install custom cabinets or overhead storage?
    No. I am involved in the design and layout process only. I can recommend and refer you to another licensed professional.
  • Is there a minimum number of hours I have to buy?
    Yes- I require a 3 hour minimum, which covers my drive time and allows ample time to make progress on any job. Some jobs may be completed faster, but payment for the 3 hour minimum is expected.
  • Why should I hire a professional organizer?
    Hiring a professional organizer provides many benefits, including less stress, more time, and a more functional and organized space. It alleviates the feeling of being overwhelmed, when you know that you've got someone in your court to help you work through your problem spaces or areas. The goal is to declutter your space, create systems that work for your lifestyle, and provide you with the tools and support you need to maintain your space long after Angie is gone.
  • Do you do interior design?
    Yes and no. That's not my niche. However, I love Pinterest and have tons of design ideas. When organizing spaces, I may have suggestions for moving items around or upgrading items.
  • Do you do deep cleaning?
    No. However, when we clean out a space that may have accumulated dust or dirt over time, I'll clean, wipe down or vacuum out the space before arranging or organizing items.

Reviews and Testimonials

Child_s Bedroom

“Every time I look at my daughter's room, I smile! That's the most powerful MEDICINE in the world. I trusted Angie and she exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her.”

— Charlotte, Tampa, FL

White Kitchen

“All I wanted was a functional kitchen and nothing on the countertops. Angie delivered. Her judgement free consult made me trust her and her enthusiastic smile made me love her. ”

— Oriana R, Riverview, FL

Alexis B.  Brandon, FL

“I hired Angie out of necessity to redo my pantry and help organize my daughter's room. I broke my foot and just couldn't do everything myself. So, after talking to some neighborhood friends, Angie was recommended. She understood that I couldn't be of much help, so she took control. She was efficient and energetic. She would work for a couple hours and then show me a stack of items that I had the opportunity to decide what to do with. She made the time go fast and got rid of everything I didn't want to keep. Even though it took longer than both of us expected, she made it fun. We listened to music, sang, laughed and became fast friends. I think the best part of this process is the finished product. Her pictures don't do it justice. My spaces are functional. I know where everything is and where everything goes. The categories make sense. At the end of the final session, she took some time to teach me some techniques to make sure that I could manage both spaces now that she's gone. She also reminded me not to sweat the small stuff.

Tiffany H. Fishhawk Ranch, FL

“Angie helped me declutter my master bedroom and daughter's room. She was extremely professional, timely, non-judgmental and efficient. She is truly heaven-sent and exactly what I needed. Being a first time mom and working professional, it has been a challenge to juggle work, a 15 month old and keep my household organized. Angie stepped in and saved the day! We worked together to declutter and organize these 2 important spaces and I can now see and access everything I need. I appreciate her positive attitude, her push to get the work done, her amazing ideas on tools/systems that would help me maintain what we started, and for helping me with donating items. I highly recommend her services.”

Cassie T. West Chase FL

"I did a cost benefit analysis and hiring Angie was cheaper than therapy and yielded much more visible results. I love walking through my house now."

Exterior of Modern Garage

“All my wife and I wanted was to be able to park our cars in the garage. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible, but Angie came back with a plan. It took almost 3 days, but seeing an empty garage is worth it. ”

Audra and Chad,

Tampa, FL

Managing Finances

“Angie instituted some very practical systems for my small business that are helping with efficiencies. I thought her prices were too low and let her know that. She appreciated the feedback and I'm excited to see how her business thrives. "

Maria Thomson,

Wimauma, FL

Jay Johnson,

Ruskin, FL

"Angie did an outstanding job. I redid my pantry, seasonings and kitchen. Great recommendations of products and also budget friendly. I'll be hiring her for additional areas in my home."

John, Wesley Chapel, FL

We hired her to help us unpack our new home. She would take something out of the box, ask us if we had use for the item and then create a donation pile, trash pile or store it in our home. I was surprised to learn that we owned 3 air fryers, 18 spatulas and all of our glasses were mismatched. She found a solution for everything! I'm happy to report that I now own only 1 air fryer, 3 spatulas and purchased a set of matching glasses. Everything else was donated, which has made me happy to know it's going to good use. She's not only a nice person to work with, but her smile and laugh are infectious. She's extremely talented and a creative person who is turning my house into a beautiful home.

Sara T. West Chase FL

"Looking at my before and after pictures was worth it. Angie is really creative and talented!"

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