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Hello, I'm Angie


I'm a mother, wife, professional organizer, and Leo!  I have 3 beautiful children, and 2 cats. I spent most of my childhood living in Lagos, Nigeria, and my adult life living in Minnesota. In 2021, my family re-located to Central Florida, and it's been the best decision yet!

The pandemic prompted me to reorganize my home and then my friend's, and then turn my passion into a career. 


Stop walking past the clutter
and hire a professional organizer to help!

Fun Facts About Angie

Polka Dots

I love wearing and owning all things with polka dots.

Love Animals

I love pets. Personally, I'm a cat mom. I will admit, I'm afraid of snakes, lizards and ferrets.

Gnome Love

I like collecting both serious and funny gnomes. The funnier, the better.

Sunflower Field

I'm a plant mom! I love gardening and sunflowers are my favorite.

Open Book

I love a good romance novel.

fun Facts

Want to know something else? Let me know!

Shopping yes

Don't stop me now... I love to shop for home goods! So finding the right organizing products for your space is so gratifying!


I love trying new food. Indian food is my favorite. I'm not a great cook but I love trying new restaurants and flavor combinations. Invite me over!


I love cultures and traveling. I've been overseas many times and would love to share stories from my travels with you.

Getting to know me

  • Family and relationships are an integral part of who I am.

  • I'm an African American professional organizer in Tampa, Florida.

  • I've worked in the healthcare industry for over 18 years. 

  • Diversity and inclusion matter. 

  • Laughter is key, motivation comes next, and in my opinion, music makes work seem like play. 

  • I believe in God and believe that I am meant to help people. Sometimes it may not be in the way that I expect, but every encounter matters. At my sessions, I do not discuss religion, but I am putting it out there because it shapes who I am. 




I do not have a natural gift for organizing. I have to work at keeping my spaces and life organized, just as everyone else does. I love creating order from chaos. I expertly craft customized organizing solutions that not only declutter physical spaces but also bring a sense of calm and balance to my clients' daily lives.

Guided by my genuine desire to make a positive difference, my energy and passion make me an invaluable partner in helping individuals and families achieve newfound clarity, productivity, and joy in their environments.

Organization is a universal language.

As one of the few Black Professional Organizers in Tampa, Florida, I believe in diversity and inclusion. I respect different cultures, traditions and my client's homes as their safe space.  

Bachelor of Arts

Metropolitan University

Saint. Paul, MN

Project Management

Women's Studies and Diversity

International Association of Professionals Career College

Professional Organizer's





I'm not afraid to get down on the floor to get things done.   

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