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3 Summer Games to make Organizing fun with kids and Summer Sanity Podcast edition

Organized kids closet
Kids closet Organized by Angie

Organizing with kids during the summer can be both fun and chaotic, but hey, chaos can sometimes lead to the best memories, right? One way to involve the little ones is to turn organizing into a game.

I did a podcast with the Motherhood Kit, and a client of mine, Yamel Belen and we had a fun time talking about summer games and practical ways to get kids involved. Check out her Summer Sanity edition for more practical tips.

Listen and like the Motherhood Kit Podcast:

Below are 3 game ideas:

RACES: Make it a race to see who can pick up the most toys or who can fold the most clothes in a set amount of time. This game works with kids of all ages. You'll be surprised how competitive they can get when there's a prize involved, even if it's just bragging rights or a snack!

  • PRO TIP FOR PURGING CLOTHES DURING THE SUMMER: The summer is also a great time to go through clothes and determine what's out of season and doesn't fit anymore. Make a basket with clothes that are too small and keep filling it all summer. When it's full, it's time to pass it down to younger siblings, cousins or friends or drop off donations. Kids will start reminding you if you explain the significance of the basket and let them name the basket. When my kids were small it was "Baloo's too small basket". My kids thought this was so funny because Baloo from the Jungle Book is very big and sometimes wore a small leaf skirt. 🍃

When kids help organize they feel like helpers. Encourage and praise that.
Kids helping determine small clothes and fun basket

PRETEND STORIES: Another hilarious way to get kids engaged is by giving the mess a funny backstory. Pretend the toys are having a party, and now it's time for them to go back to their "homes" (storage bins). You can even create characters for different items - like Mr. Sock who always goes missing or Princess Barbie who needs her castle (dollhouse) to be tidy. Adding a touch of imagination can make the task more enjoyable for everyone involved. Because it's the summertime, I avoid setting a timeline for little kids. Let them play!! Imaginative stories create inventive and curious adults. It'll be funny to find out if these characters come to bed with them.

pretending to call friends is important play for kids
Kids and imaginative play

Lastly, why not turn organizing into a dance party?

DANCE AND SING: I love to do this when I organize with my client's/adults, so the same applies to kids. Obviously we do more singing but if you crank up the music and assign tasks to different dance moves, your kids will be grooving their way to a clutter-free space. Imagine the laughter and smiles as you all bust a move while putting things away or decluttering.

Having fun with dancing and singing is so important when organizing.
Dance and sing when organizing to make it fun

I want to close with something important to keep in mind. Remember that setting a timeline for little kids is not realistic. From ages 3-7 yrs old, I strongly believe in letting them play. My best advice for parents on this one is consider this reverse psychology. Telling kids to clean their room makes them notice, appreciate and play with the toys they find. Allow the play to happen until they get tired. Then come in and help get them back on track. It's time consuming for adults. Imagine you were in their shoes.

Message me if you need help getting your child or yourself organized. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER ☀️

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